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  1. To provide our employees with comfortable working hours according to International Labour Organization and National Humans Resources and Labour Department regulations. This is including Volunteer Overtime working hours with pay according to the Humans Resources and Labour Department regulations. With this benefit, workers still have opportunity to gain extra income without jeopardizing their others responsibilities to their families.
  2. To provide the lodging or hostels facilities to workers which from out of Town. We also provide a comfortable hostels with other facilities such as Electrical power supply, clean water supply and also keep the cleanliness and well maintain shelters.
  3. To provide a safe working area and clean environment to our workers. This is also including provide Personal Protective Equipment, and uniforms for workers to do their jobs safely. We also provide them Training, so they can do their responsibilities safely for them and also to others workers.
  4. To provide better systems for workers so they can performs better and Make them less fatigue and more effective. With this objective, we have to provide them with complete equipment, so it will produces better result, less consume energy or manpower usage and also less wastage.

  1. We would like to do our responsibility to our county economics grows by employ more workers from local surrounding community. With this return back favour, we can contribute to local economics grows and less the unemployment problems.
  2. We would like to maintain our Waste Water Treatment Plant final discharge water cleans and healthy to surrounding environment. With closed relation with Department Of Environment, we will monitor and ensure our waste will not harming the surrounding environment including final discharge water and Schedule waste from Water Treatment Plant.

We, Tan Sin Lian Industries Sdn. Bhd. have objective to fulfil the social responsibilities to our workers and also to the surrounding community to improve our Relationship between company, employees and to the surrounding community.